Charlie's Angels Premiere Has Bubbly Look

July 15, 2003, 12:00 AM EDT

Benarroch Productions and Roy Braeger created a lounge atmosphere for the Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle premiere party at Eyebeam Atelier.

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle premiere party Eyebeam Atelier Wednesday, 06.25.03, 10 PM onward
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Fans of the first Charlie's Angels film waited two and a half years for the sequel, and guests of the film's premiere party found themselves waiting outside Eyebeam Atelier for a half hour or so before they could get into the party. A few days earlier, the larger Los Angeles premiere party had 2,000 guests, and the cast was mobbed as they entered. Planners didn't want that to happen again. So after everyone arrived in buses fom the Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle screening at Loews Lincoln Square, security kept them waiting outside on a hot, muggy night until Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu arrived.

Once guests got inside, they found a loungey atmosphere inspired by a request from the Angels themselves. “The girls wanted to walk into a hip, underground, club-like venue,” said event producer Chris Benarroch of Los Angeles-based Benarroch Productions. (Not the most original idea, but they're starring in a movie sequel based on a TV show after all.) Benarroch was hired to plan the premiere by Kim Carey, vice president of event planning for the Columbia Tri-Star marketing group.

Event designer Roy Braeger lined the large warehouse space with lots of bed seating decorated with gold and silver lamé pillows, and he used water as a recurring decor theme (just a week after all those water touches at Entertainment Weekly It List party...is there something in the, um, water?). Tall bubbling water towers decorated the main bar and seating areas—Demi Moore almost knocked one of them over in the roped-off area for the film's stars—and Lux Lighting's textured pink and amber washes added to the bubbling feeling in the room. Eyemag projected a video of a crashing wave—calling to mind a surfing scene in the movie—behind the DJ booth, where Beverly Bond spun a mix of dance music similar to the fun 70's and 80's radio hits on the film's soundtrack.

For food, Sonnier & Castle put out a buffet of Asian food with noodles in paper takeout containers, chicken and beef satay, and assorted dumplings.

Chad Kaydo

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