Colin Cowie's Cuba-Inspired Beach Decor

July 11, 2001, 12:00 AM EDT

New York League/LifeStart's Bikini Beach Party benefit Wendy Belzberg and Strauss Zelnick former residence Thursday, 06.21.01, 7:30 PM onward
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Entertaining guru Colin Cowie turned an Upper East Side townhouse into a showcase of decor inspired by beaches from around the world for a benefit for New York League/LifeStart. After walking through a sand-filled first floor, guests found that each of the upper four floors of the townhouse--the former residence of the event's hosts, Wendy Belzberg and Strauss Zelnick--had decor inspired by a different beach area. And each floor had different food, drinks and entertainment, all matched to the floor's theme.

The top floor had a vibrant red and purple look, inspired by Havana, Cuba. Guests could sprawl on red and white bed-style seats bathed in deep red light, and eat from a buffet of grilled chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers.

--Chad Kaydo

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