Crowds Line Up for Another Dot-Com Frat Party

September 4, 2000, 12:00 AM EDT

The Industry Standard rooftop party Studio 450 Wednesday, 06.21.00, 6 PM to 9 PM
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Getting into The Industry Standard rooftop party required standing in one line after another. First, a line to get into Studio 450, which has only one freight elevator (that holds about 20 people) to get partygoers up the top three floors of event space. Then there was a line to check in. Then there was a line for the bag check. There was even a line at times to climb the stairs to the first floor of food and drink.

At least the Standard hired two stilt performers and a mime from Naomi's World of Entertainment to perform outside. They also helped partygoers on their way to the event find the venue on the far West side. But most people were more interested in getting up to the free food and drink than talking to clowns.

Those who made it to the actual event found themselves in yet another digital frat party, filled with lots of dot-comversation. We also overheard some newbies getting advice for sneaking into these ubiquitous so-called “networking” events when you're not on the list or even employed by a Net company.

Catered by Apogee Events, the food included some Southwestern fare--chips, salsa, avocado, Spanish rice--and mussels on the half-shell, while shish kabobs grilled outside.
As DJ Rich (booked through event management firm Save the Date) played a mix including Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston and Bob Marley, many partygoers went out to the full terrace to enjoy its remarkable view of the Hudson and the rest of Manhattan.

Between the many lines on the way in, partygoers lustfully eyed the T-shirts and gift bags, provided by and filled with goodies from (calculator), Quidnuc (water bottle), and (yo-yo). But many were scared away by the security guard who kept saying, “Folks, get your gift bag and T-shirts when you leave.” Many who listened to him missed out: The bags ran out early, while lots of people were still upstairs, crowding the one bartender outside on the deck serving beer, margaritas and tequila shots.

--Chad Kaydo

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