Diesel's Colorful Show Takes the Puck

August 21, 2001, 12:00 AM EDT

Diesel's Dieseland spring 2002 collection preview event The Puck Building Tuesday, 08.14.01, 7:30 PM onward
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It was raining buckets outside, but a fun, Coney Island-ish carnival was taking place inside the Puck Building for Diesel clothing's Dieseland fashion show. The urban fashion label's event was held to show off their spring/summer 2002 collection to a crowd of fashion press, buyers and stylists.

The event's design was conceptualized by the Diesel creative team in Italy, coordinated by Diesel's New York marketing team and produced by Bestek Lighting & Staging. Philip Baloun Designs strung 1,600 multicolored pennant flags (the kinds you see decorating the parking lots of suburban car dealerships) across the ceiling above a runway created by two rows of bleachers, and wrapped the Puck's white ceiling pillars with turquoise and yellow satin. A red and blue striped tent--sort of a classier take on carnival freak show tents--was adorned with a flashing Dieseland sign built by Gilbert Displays. Bestek also brought in a multicolored array of spotlights and colored gobos that flashed across the room. The event evoked a slightly spooky nighttime carnival feel, sans carnies.

The fashion show portion of the event featured models from Ford, Q, Request, ID, Grey and New York Models strutting down the runway in Diesel's latest rags to DJ Jackie Christie's eclectic mix of drum-heavy world music. The highlights of the show were the swimsuit-clad models--lots of skin is always a crowd-pleaser--who elicited the most cheers from the crowd. (We also heard a pair of male partygoers tittering--no pun intended--when one model's breasts inadvertently emerged from the front of her dress). A loud burst of confetti from Bestek showered the models at the conclusion of the show.

--Suzanne Ito

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