Downtown Venue Update

September 17, 2001, 12:00 AM EDT

In the wake of the World Trade Center attacks, many downtown venues have been affected--although more venues have been closed due to the current rescue efforts than to permanent structural damages. Sadly, Windows on the World, Top of the World and the other World Trade Center venues were destroyed, and the New York Marriott World Trade Center was irreparably damaged. But many other venues are fine. Here is a status report of various spaces within the hardest hit area.

Reported by Mark Mavrigian and Jill Musguire
Updated 10.03.01

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Bayard's is fully functional and the building sustained no damage. Events planned for next weekend and beyond remain as scheduled.

Bridgewaters is open and sustained no damages. The venue has had some cancellations and reschedulings, and is currently taking reservations. The venue is temporarily using this number: 212.655.2300.

Bubble Lounge is open and operating.

Chase Conference Center-Manhattan Plaza has cancelled all events through the end of September.

Cooking by the Book has postponed all September events, but is taking new reservations.

Delmonico's is open and functioning, with some cancellations and reschedulings of events.

Dylan Prime was closed temporarily and reopened on September 20.

Engine 27 is open and taking reservations.

F. Illi Ponte was closed temporarily but is open for business as of September 25.

Global Community Digital Sandbox cancelled events on September 11 only, and has no cancellations of upcoming events. The building has been inspected, and is stable and fully functional.

Layla was closed temporarily and is planning to open for business on September 28 and 29 as long as the street is opened up to traffic, as is expected.

Lush has been closed temporarily and reopened the week of September 24. The venue is temporarily using this number: 212.766.1275.

Mercantile Bar & Grill is open, but several scheduled parties have been cancelled.

Millenium Hilton's front windows were blown out as a result of the attack, but the building is still standing. The hotel is closed, and the certainty of the building's structural integrity is not known at this time. (All guests and employees were evacuated and are accounted for.)

Montrachet was closed temporarily and is now operating (since September 22) and accepting bookings. All future events are still scheduled.

National Museum of the American Indian sustained no damage and reopened on October 1.

New York Marriott Financial Center experienced significant damages, and Marriott is not yet clear on future plans for the structure. Marriott is referring customers to its other New York area hotels. (All employees and staff members were safely evacuated.)

New York Marriott World Trade Center was irreparably damaged. Marriott is referring customers to its other New York area hotels. (All guests were evacuated safely, but as of Friday, 09.14.01, two employees were unaccounted for.)

Nobu and Next Door Nobu were closed temporarily and are now operating (since September 22) and accepting bookings.

RM sustained no damage and was closed temporarily. The venue reopened on September 28, is fully operational and has already hosted special events.

Regent Wall Street sustained no damage and temporarily converted its ballroom to assist rescue workers, media and police and fire department personnel. The hotel is now open for bookings.

The Screening Room was closed temporarily and provided food and services for rescue workers. The screening and dining facilities re-opened September 26.

Shine was closed temporarily and re-opened September 25. All events but one remain as scheduled.

Sounds of Brazil (S.O.B.'s) is open, and scheduled events for Thursday, Friday and Saturday are still in effect. The venue will resume its normal schedule next week.

Studio 7 is open and accepting bookings, and is also taking inquiries regarding using the venue for office space for displaced companies.

Sugar was closed temporarily and is now operating, with regularly scheduled events.

Think Tank was closed temporarily while waiting for power and water, and has since announced that it is now permanently closed as a special event venue. The space's parent company will continue to use the space for other purposes.

Tja Restaurant, Bar & Lounge was closed temporarily and is currently open for dinner and is accepting bookings.

Tribakery was closed temporarily is now operating (since September 22).

TriBeCa Grand Hotel is fully operational.

Tribeca Grill was closed temporarily and is now operating (since September 22) and accepting bookings.

TriBeCa Rooftop is open, but several corporate events for this week have been cancelled.

Vine sustained no damages and is fully functional. Some events have been rescheduled, but not cancelled.

Zoom Studios is open and all events remain as scheduled.

Updated 10.03.01

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