Even Theft Can't Stop Hugo Boss Parties

July 13, 2001, 12:00 AM EDT

Posted 07.13.01
The new Hugo Boss flagship store has hosted 18 parties in the scant two months it's been open (their casino night party, for example), and despite some pricey problems, the retailer shows no signs of stopping, according to New York magazine. At the last party honoring artist Jeff Koons, one partygoer was caught trying to make off with a $25,000 crocodile coat, while a $1,595 backgammon set was ruined after someone spilled vodka on it. And the store's polished white tiles have required “several thousand dollars worth of refinishing...after being stained by olives, cigarettes and even rose petals that were showered onto revelers one night.” But none of this phases Hugo Boss USA president Marty Staff, who told the mag, “I am obsessed with making these events fun and crazy and different.”

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