Event Innovators 2017: Meet the Bright Lights With Big Ideas Already Changing the Industry

Find out who made this year’s list of forward-thinking event professionals and companies.

June 14, 2017, 7:00 AM EDT

Illustration: Cornelia Stiles/BizBash

Innovation can be a lonely place. When everyone is thinking the same way, moving in a new direction can feel risky. Then there are the doubters who say, “That will never work,” or, “Why do we need to change?” In well-established fields such as catering and floral, it may feel like there are no new ideas to discover.

But then someone takes a chance. The idea takes off. And everything changes.

The event industry professionals and corporate brands featured here are the bright lights leading the way. They have succeeded because they have dared to think differently and try new things. They undoubtedly experienced setbacks and even failures before their ideas took off, but they persevered. The payoff leads to more meaningful events for guests and sponsors, better data on attendees, more buzz on social media, or a lower environmental impact of events. They have even inspired global movements.

These big ideas have now become the new normal—or will when others catch up.

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