'Fargo' Promo Puts Crochet Bus on the Streets of New York

To promote the network premiere of of its new show, FX partnered with artist Olek to bring a wool-covered, mobile art piece to Manhattan's busy streets.

By Kelly Lo April 30, 2014, 2:32 PM EDT

To give the promotion the widest possible exposure, FX encouraged visitors to snap and share photos of the quirky mobile art piece.

Photo: Courtesy of LeadDog Marketing Group

As an unusual way to get the attention of busy New Yorkers—and camera-happy tourists—FX put a cozy sweater on wheels in the streets of Manhattan to promote the network premiere of its original series Fargo. Working with LeadDog Marketing Group, crochet artist Olek, and Vector Media, the TV network wrapped an entire double-decker bus in handcrafted crochet work and drove the vehicle around New York City April 9 to April 15, the day of the show's premiere. Branded scarves and instant hot chocolate packets were distributed from the bus to fans and curious pedestrians.

“Shared media was our focus. We wanted to design a visual experience that grabbed the attention of New Yorkers and drove them to capture images and share them—taking our local activation to a worldwide audience,” said Kenya Hardway, vice president of intergrated promotions for FX Networks. “A double-decker bus wearing a sweater seemed like the perfect fit—pun intended.”

The concept was inspired by Fargo's key art, a crocheted sweater design that reflects the show's wintry setting. To create a real-life, mobile version of the visual and incorporate the unique medium, the production team brought in local artist Olek, known for “yarn bombing"—street art made using, well, yarn. It took two weeks, 317 skeins of yarn, and 951,444 loops to complete the handcrafted 464- by 112-inch crochet wrap. In addition to the extensive work by Olek’s crochet team, it took three days for the production team to fit the piece around the double-decker bus.

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