Fashion Show Invitation Includes Bacteria-Spotted Petri Dish

By Beth Kormanik March 4, 2013, 7:15 AM EST

Designer Mathieu Mirano sent out petri dish invitations to his Fashion Week show.

Photo: Courtesy of Alpine Creative Group

Designer Mathieu Mirano sent out a memorable invitation to his Fashion Week show: a petri dish that appeared to contain bacteria. The unusual invitation was designed by Alpine Creative Group to get attention for the 21-year-old fashion designer, who also sent the invites to science publications. The original instruction from Mirano was to use live bacteria, but Alpine's Merry Phengvath found a safer alternative: screen-printing in gold and black, colors that echoed Mirano's collection. The 1,400 invitations came in metallic-hued Bubble Wrap envelopes. “He's always thinking of something obscure and avant garde,” Phengvath said, noting that last year Alpine created an invitation using lenticular printing that featured a dinosaur head.

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