Forbes Plays at Bar Code

September 8, 2000, 12:00 AM EDT product preview Bar Code Thursday, 07.27.00, 6 PM to 8 PM
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Forbes magazine hosted a party to help, a Dallas-based tech firm, introduce its new product at Bar Code, the new neon-fortressed arcade in Times Square. The guests--mostly lots of guys in suits-took advantage of the open bar and the rows of electronic games. (We found that the driving games can get considerably more difficult to navigate after a few glasses of champagne.)

Most guests paid more attention to the games than to the new product, a wand-like device called CueCAT that connects to a user's computer, reads specially printed bar codes and routes the user's browser directly to a specified Web page. (Starting with its September 11 issue, Forbes will print the bar codes in its editorial and ad content.)

But the gadget we had the most fun with was the tiny radio included in the gift bag guests received on the way out (labeled a Forbes Capitalist Toolbag” by the mag). Bought from Company Boutique, the device fits in the palm of your hand--and you don't have to walk through the tourists in Times Square to use it.

--Chad Kaydo

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