Fund-Raiser for Park Shows How New Yorkers Use It

By Chad Kaydo June 1, 2012, 9:09 PM EDT

Photo: Courtesy of 360 Design Events, Jamie Watts Photography

Hudson River Park Trust's Spring Gala
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The folks behind the Hudson River Park gala, which took place in a large tent on Pier 26 Tuesday night, had two things working against them: 88-degree heat, followed by rain. Working in their favor: two people onstage who can get laughs without trying too hard, host Gayle King and award presenter Mayor Michael Bloomberg. After cocktails outside in the unexpectedly warm weather at 6:30 p.m., everyone headed into the tent, where everything moved fast, and the dinner program wrapped at 9:31.

On the style side: Matthew David Hopkins of 360 Design Events filled the tent with nods to the many uses of the park, including row boats hanging overhead and centerpieces that incorporated running shoes and bicycle wheels (which looked much classier than that sounds). Dogs, basketball players, and waiters-as-runners also made appearances, showing off the many uses of the various parts of Hudson River Park.

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