Fur Fashion Event Shows Some Skin

May 24, 2001, 12:00 AM EDT

FoodWorks presented a bacchanal arrangement with columns, candelabras, bowls of veggies and large grapes...and near naked models.

The Fur Information Council of America's Fur Fashion event The Altman Building Monday, 05.21.01, 5 PM to 8 PM
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It may have been devoted to promoting fur, but the Fur Information Council of America's Fur Fashion event wasn't a very coat-friendly party. In lieu of a coat check--which most guests probably take for granted--the event's organizers plopped three metal coat racks next to the Altman Building's front door, leaving guests to hang their own coats and stow their belongings. Perhaps the fur folks weren't expecting the downpour that arrived that day and the necessary coats and umbrellas, but they had plenty of time to deal with it. And don't most people usually arrive from work carrying bags they don't want to lug through a cocktail party? The result of the oversight: Many guests' first vision of the event--wet, messy coatracks--certainly didn't match the feeling of luxury the party was meant to create.

Still, many of the guests probably looked right past the coatracks to the event's bacchanal table of treats from FoodWorks. Covered with shiny red material, the table included some small columns, bowls of veggies and large grapes, candelabras and (during the first part of the event) a pair of near-naked models. The arrangement matched the decadent luxury inherent in a presentation of fur fashions.

The event brought council members, retailers and fashion journalists to see a fur fashion show that was coordinated by Judith Rice & Associates. Kadan Productions provided the lighting design and set up the white runway and stage, which featured a large screen that flashed the names of the designers being shown and other visuals during the show.

Graebar Productions provided the music and sound, which helped to create a series of vignettes during the show that were designed to match the tone of the clothing on display. The show opened with video clips of famous actresses wearing fur in movies, ending with a clip from the film Sunset Boulevard, while Graebar played a song from Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical adaptation. Later, during a song from Sunday in the Park with George (Stephen Sondheim's musical about George Seurat), the screen showed the Mona Lisa, and as one of the models pretended to paint over it, blue and red paint splotches appeared over the painting on screen. Kind of an odd visual, considering what the folks from PETA might have done if they'd shown up.

--Chad Kaydo

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