Golden Globes Party Report: Inside 'In Style,' Fox, HBO, Sony, the Weinstein Company, NBCUniversal, and More

By Alesandra Dubin January 16, 2012, 2:03 PM EST

Photo: Nadine Froger Photography

Sunday brought a threat of rain, so the sprawling red carpet at the Beverly Hilton got a clear-top tent for the 69th annual Golden Globes. It didn't rain during the arrivals, but it did so briefly around 9 p.m., as after-party guests arrived at the Hilton, sending people scurrying for cover along Wilshire Boulevard, where the line stretched longer than 30 minutes. (Weather wasn't the only thing that didn’t follow the forecast: Ricky Gervais proved fairly tame as returning host of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's dinner ceremony in the International Ballroom.)

Inside, the hotel was its annual cauldron of organized chaos after the awards, with guests using digital signage to make their ways to various parties, like so many well-heeled ants in a tony ant farm. This year's tally of major parties in and around the Hilton was six, with AMC a no-show but the other mainstays like In Style and HBO back in force, and Fox a returnee for the second year.

HBO's elbow-to-elbow party took over the Hilton's Circa 55 restaurant and adjoining pool area with design by longtime collaborator Billy Butchkavitz, who found his inspiration this year in early '90s collections of Issey Miyake—and drained the pool to create a dramatic, fully carpeted sunken lounge.

In Style and Warner Brothers brought their annual to-do to the Hilton's Oasis Courtyard. Design by Thomas Ford of Tom Ford Designs drew inspiration from water and fluidity with a color palette of teal, navy, silver, and coral. The menu design came from a big-name chef, Giada De Laurentiis, for the first time this year. And Godiva set up its annual chocolate lounge at the party, with imaginative production by Abel McCallister Designs.

NBCUniversal took to its annual haunt, the parking structure's rooftop, for a dinner and after-party. Production and design came from Angel City Designs, with deco-style, mirrored-tile LED chandeliers filling the tent ceiling. Chrysler/Fiat and Hilton Hotels were sponsors. Alison Bossert oversaw Sony's party at the Stardust Rooftop. And the Weinstein Company took to the former Bar210 area, with production by Best Events.

Just across the way, Fox returned with its Globes-night after-party for the second year at the former Robinsons-May building, a glittering tented viewing- and after-party accessible on foot or via golf-cart shuttles, for the stiletto wearers.

Over the weekend, W magazine and C.A.A. were among the party hosts. In addition to hosting Bafta's award season tea party on Saturday, the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills buzzed with an array of suites, including In Style's annual presence and HBO's Luxury Lounge, which both included setups from L'Oreal.

For a look inside, we bring you 48 photos from the events, suites, and happenings around town.

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