Huffington Post Reels in Sting, to Perform at Inauguration Party

By Courtney Thompson January 13, 2009, 10:40 AM EST

One of the most talked about events around the inauguration is about to get even more hype. The Huffington Post's party for 2,000 people is at the Newseum January 19, and New York-based producer David Stark (who's producing the fete) told us that both Sting and are confirmed to perform, along with the promise of a few more entertainment “surprises” to be revealed that night.

Taking over the museum's first balcony, main lobby, and lower concourse, the event's focus will hover around technology and connectivity, two themes embodied by the host. “Because the Post is such a democratic, inclusive format for dialogue and conversation, we expect this party will be bringing that to life in three dimensions. ”

In addition to the invited guests, the blog is expecting hundreds of thousands of online attendees to access the event via a special party page on the site. From the event, guests and staffers can stream live videos, Twitter, post photos, and live blog. From home, online viewers can do the same, with their postings showing up on 16- by 16-foot plasma laptop stations that Stark is creating, as well as on the Newseum's giant projection screens.

In the midst of all that techie titillation, the event is also aiming to channel a New Year's Eve-esque sense of excitement, with a countdown to Inauguration Day led by Ariana Huffington. Guests will outfitted with hats and noisemakers, and the seconds will tick away on the Newseum's 40- by 20-foot LED screen

Although some would consider the exhibit- and tech-heavy venue the opposite of a blank canvas, Stark said, “The thing about Huffington Post is that it's really at the forefront of technology. They’re turning out to be the leader in the millennium of the information age, so it seems to be the perfect location for us to be playing.”

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