Hyundai Courts Music, Gaming, and Tech Audiences With Event Series for Veloster Vehicle

By Anna Sekula October 25, 2011, 3:27 PM EDT

Photo: Lenny Emery

Hyundai's Re:Mix Lab New York Event Series
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Like many automotive companies these days, Hyundai is hoping to attract a younger demographic, and last week sought to further distinguish itself from the competition with an event series focused around the 2012 Veloster, a car designed for the digital generation. Dubbed the “Re:Mix Lab,” the run of parties held inside the Chelsea Market put the spotlight on three roadsters that the Korean carmaker had turned into mobile installations, replete with 3-D technology, DJ decks, and video game devices. And to tap into different audiences in a more organic way, Hyundai partnered with magazines like Antenna, Vibe, and Wired as well as WNYC radio and Microsoft to host daytime functions as well as nightly festivities.

The experiential platform, which kicked off with an opening reception presented by Antenna on Wednesday and ended with the YRB-hosted photo shoot on Sunday, drew 7,700 consumers over the course of five days and 12 events. Charged with the production of the marketing ploy was Zev Norotsky of H360, the event marketing division of Harris Publications, who integrated Buzz Band's souped-up R.F.I.D. bracelets to allow attendees to check in and post messages to Facebook.

“The all-new Hyundai Veloster, our exciting three-door sporty coupe designed for just about any adventure drivers can imagine, connects in personality and function with a group that loves music, fashion, gaming, and technology,” said Steve Shannon, vice president of marketing for Hyundai Motor America, in a press release. “The opening of the Re:Mix Lab brings creativity to life by encouraging collaboration across all these art forms. Whether experiencing the Re:Mix live in person of via our YouTube channel, we believe this audience will identify with and appreciate the blend of all these creative outlets.”

The three vehicles each represented a different genre. The black car, outfitted with a Fender Stratocaster guitar, Vox amp, Numark DJ controller, Macbook Pro, and mixing software, was for music lovers, while the green car, equipped with a 40-inch TV, Kinect for Xbox 360, and consoles for as many as eight players, was for video gamers. The white Veloster, intended for the tech-focused crowds, was loaded with a 40-inch, 3-D LCD television, 3-D blu-ray player, and 3-D camcorder. To market these components to a wider audience, a kiosk stood beside each car, allowing guests to tap their R.F.I.D.s and post messages to Facebook.

Beyond the vehicles, the space was also designed to highlight the influence of collaborative efforts, with a curated gallery of products from Nike, Bearbrick, and Kid Robot. Hyundai also used the series to screen Regeneration, a documentary film commissioned by the car company to promote the Veloster.

The Re:Mix Lab series will travel to other cities in the coming months, including Las Vegas on November 2, Chicago on November 19, Miami on November 19, and Los Angeles December 7 through 11.

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