I Love You, Man Premiere Kicks Off With Dude-Centric Red Carpet, Off-Color Joke Included

The red carpet for Paramount's I Love You, Man beckoned guests with vignettes showcasing guy-related themes and props—and one off-color running joke.

By Alesandra Dubin March 18, 2009, 4:09 PM EDT

The red carpet at I Love You, Man

Photo: Line 8 Photography

Paramount's I Love You, Man Premiere
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Typically, the party comes after the movie premiere. But last night, for the premiere of Paramount's new dude-focused picture I Love You, Man, you might say the party started early: on a highly spirited, totally decked-out red carpet for arrivals.

Working with Paramount's Elizabeth Tramontozzi, 15/40 Productions used stills from the set to mock up three vignettes on the carpet on Broxton Avenue, all inspired by the movie's man-centric themes. The first evoked the roughly converted garage inhabited by Jason Segel's character, with a Rush poster, bookshelves full of albums, and a bottle of lotion next to a worn chair that served as a running gag in the movie and the vignettes on the carpet. “Usually [when designing events], you have it really nice and crisp,” said 15/40's Travis Jackson. ”We had it just the opposite: super raw, and as gnarly as can be.”

The second vignette housed a music stage, complete with drums and guitars. And in the last one, the prop sofa from the movie sat alongside a surfboard—and another bottle of lotion. (Draw your own conclusion.)

“It was the most playful red carpet I think I've ever done,” Jackson said of the arrivals area, which saw a flurry of activity from about 6 to 7:30 p.m. before the screening at the Village. “It was really a party on the carpet last night, a great way to start the pic.”

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