In Style/Warner Brothers' Golden Globes Party Books Cover Band From The Hangover

By Rosalba Curiel January 18, 2010, 5:43 PM EST

The In Style and Warner Brothers Golden Globes after-party

Photo: Nadine Froger Photography

Although it probably came as no surprise to guests of In Style and Warner Brothers’ 11th annual Golden Globes after-party that the stars of the studio’s film The Hangover celebrated their best comedy win at Sunday night’s event, they probably did not expect to see members of the Dan Band, a cover group that makes a brief cameo towards the end of the film. The band, which is known for infusing renditions of classic songs with expletives, entertained the crowd at the Beverly Hilton’s Oasis Courtyard with a live performance.

“We’ve done a band before—the same band on and off for a couple of years,” said Kelly Austing, In Style’s manager of creative development. “We’re at the same location every year, and we have to strategize ways to make the party different so that it’s inspirational and people don’t feel like they’re walking into the same party every year.”

Part of that strategy involved collaborating with Thomas Ford, who has worked on the event since its inception, to create a new decor theme. This year, Ford evoked an urban penthouse, lining the courtyard with images of high-rise buildings and hanging a 24-foot wide crystal chandelier from the ceiling. The piece, which Ford custom created for the party, took over a month to assemble and featured more than 8,000 crystals individually hung from a net.

About 160 guests, including non-nominated talent, agents, and managers, attended a viewing dinner at the courtyard space, sitting at tables set with aubergine tablecloths and napkins and chrome-colored plates. Immediately following the viewing, staff ushered dinner guests to the adjoining Godiva lounge and took little more than five minutes to convert the courtyard into a lounge area, bringing in coffee tables and banquettes to add to those already lining walls. “Everyone’s a V.I.P. at this event, so we’re more concerned with creating flow versus nooks of space,” said Austing. “The banquettes work perfectly for achieving that flow.”

In addition to the diners, 750 guests exiting the Golden Globes ceremony attended the after-party. Those who paused to pose at the step-and-repeat likely smelled wafts of chocolate emanating from the Godiva lounge located at the end of the red carpet, where there were freestanding walls painted in chocolate and covered with Godiva logos. Godiva’s director of brand and internal communications, Erica Lapidus, tapped Larry Abel Designs to create a space that highlighted the chocolatier’s various products as well as its “Golden Moments” advertising campaign.

A giant clock painted in chocolate and featuring different Godiva goodies for each hour provided a nod to the campaign, while coffee tables made of colorfully wrapped chocolates and a chocolate bar featuring treats ranging from cupcakes to truffles helped expose guests to Godiva products. Guests also found a more traditional bar, where bartenders served enough “chocolatinis” and Godiva liqueur on the rocks to give a few partygoers hangovers of their own.

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