In the News: Accusations of Sexism on G20 Event Schedule, Swag Bags Still Effective Marketing

By Michael O'Connell September 30, 2009, 1:42 PM EDT

Gender Gap Questioned at G20: The recent G20 summit in Pittsburgh saw more than just world leaders discussing global economics. There were a variety of events—luncheons, museum visits, concert performances—for the leaders' spouses, the vast majority of whom are women. Many criticized the spouse schedule, hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama, as a reinforcement of stale gender roles. And regardless of whether the separate events are doing any actual harm, others think they're symbolically a bad idea. [WaPo]

A Reassuring Example of Swag Bags at Work: BrandWeek reporter Elena Malykhina noticed something interesting at a recent screening of the new French biopic Coco Before Chanel. Sponsored by women's lifestyle Web site, the screening included swag bags filled with items from luxury brands such as Barneys, Darac Beauty, and Repeat Possessions. The direct marketing seemed to take quick effect. Guests started sampling the products right there and were overheard discussing the different brands. [BrandWeek]

Plans for 2012 Olympics Come Together: Everyone in Chicago, Madrid, Rio De Janeiro, and Tokyo may be anticipating Friday's decision about the host city for the 2016 Olympics, but the next summer games in London are even closer. Time has come to start work on the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony, and the London Organizing Committee is reportedly courting musician and Blur frontman Damon Albarn to be the artistic director. If chosen, Albarn has some fairly big expectations to live up to. Beijing's opening ceremony was one of the bigger spectacles in Olympic history. [Independent]

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