In the News: Bloomberg and Vanity Fair to Cohost, the Masters Suffers From Lack of Sponsors

By Michael O'Connell April 15, 2009, 2:49 PM EDT

Vanity Fair and Bloomberg Team Up: The economy may have Vanity Fair and Bloomberg News down, but they’re not out. Instead of canceling their respective White House Correspondents’ Association dinner after-parties, the media brands will join forces for a cohosted party at the residence of French Ambassador Pierre Vimont. In the past several years, Bloomberg had hosted the most prominent after-party, while Vanity Fair was a more recent entry. The duo will now divvy up 300 invites, making it one of the more exclusive events after the May 9 dinner.  [Politico]

Auto Show Attendees Get Nasty: Attendees at the New York International Auto Show are venting their frustrations with the economy, and they’re taking it out on some unexpected parties. Presenters, who aren’t even full-time employees of the carmakers, have been heckled on the show floor since it opened to the public last week. Largely contract representatives for bail-out recipients General Motors and Chrysler, the put-upon presenters have been accused of putting out bad product, waiting until the 11th hour to be eco-conscious, and in one case, even responsibility for the war in Iraq. [NYT]

Sponsor Exodus Hurts 2009 Masters: Several corporations including Citigroup opted out of maintaining a presence at this year’s P.G.A. Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia, and they took a lot of parties and revenue with them. Fewer luxury homes were rented this year; local chefs didn’t have as many events to cater; and funds the tournament brings to the local economy aren't expected to reach anywhere near the estimated annual haul of $100 million. [AP]

Social Secretary Forgets Her Easter Audience:
The Obama administration’s first Easter egg roll got plenty of good press for being inclusive—it was the first opened up to online registration—but White House social secretary Desirée Rogers may have made one misstep: The planner-in-chief tapped Fergie to sing during the festivities, and the Black Eyed Peas front woman’s lyrics were a bit too mature for some of the parents’ tastes. A few were spotted cringing. [DC Examiner]

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