Presidential Inaugurations

The 2017 presidential inauguration took place on Friday, January 20, when Donald Trump was sworn in as the country's 45th president. As in 2013, the highly publicized D.C. event involved a number of festivities, including official balls organized by the Presidential Inaugural Committee, several galas sponsored by the State Societies of Washington, D.C., and a parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. The inauguration also drew events from brands and nonprofit organizations, as well as a number of protests—including the Women's March on Washington, which saw over a million people marching in D.C. and at sister marches around the world. Here's all of our related coverage.

Inauguration 2013

Inauguration Photos: Highlights From Washington's Biggest Events

With all-star concerts, black-tie balls, and themed events, Washington celebrated the 57th presidential inauguration for President Barack Obama over the long holiday weekend. Here are highlights—including decor, catering, and entertainment—from...

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D.C. Officials Now Predicting 4 Million Inaugural Spectators

How many people can the National Mall accommodate? That's the question District and federal officials are asking themselves as they gear up for what is expected to be...

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Inaugural Parade Director Discusses Daunting Task

Inaugural parade director and former Obama campaign staffer Peter Gage offered USA Today some insight into how his staff is handling the unprecedented scope of the event.High atop...

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Inaugural Ball Planners Using Heavy Security, Printing Tricks to Fight Uninvited Guests

As the swearing in of President-elect Barack Obama promises to bring unprecedented crowds to Washington next week, one of the most significant challenges for organizers of the inaugural balls is...

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Rental Companies Stockpiling Coat Racks, Wine Glasses for Inaugural Parties

If Washington rental company executives know one thing, it's that Inauguration Day tends to be nippy. People wear overcoats, and once they're inside, they need a proper place to park...

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Media Outlets See Obstacles to Hosting Inauguration Events

With six weeks to go before President-elect Barack Obama takes the oath of office, many media outlets are still tentative about hosting inaugural events. Faced with a flock of challenges—a...

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In the Lobbies: Ritz-Carlton Draws a Crowd With Furs and Not-Quite-Free Makeup

Saks Fifth Avenue threw open its doors for the inaugural weekend at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel just north of Georgetown. The retailer decided to face the cold head on...

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