Inside Vanity Fair's Big Oscar Bash

March 27, 2001, 12:00 AM EST

Posted 03.27.01
Vanity Fair's Oscar bash is widely considered the biggest celebrity event of the year, but The Washington Post's sardonic account of the party at Los Angeles' Morton's restaurant made it sound less than perfect. The scene outside was “ridiculous"--according to Harvey Weinstein and the Post--with Oscar winners and plebes alike being held back from the party by sheriff's deputies. But after passing through “a series of roadblocks that would have made the Bosnian militia proud,” guests found the only Oscar party that mattered. (Miramax, DreamWorks, Disney and Fine Line all declined to compete with parties of their own; Sony Pictures Entertainment held a smaller event at the restaurant Crustacean.)

Besides the celebrities, what did VF partygoers find? The music: First records from DJ Fatboy Slim, then spicy Cuban dance tunes from Adalberto Alvarez y su Son. The look: “There were tulips, tulips everywhere, and enough empty glasses to give the recovery movement the shakes, and everybody was chain-smoking and air-kissing,” the Post reported. Plus: “Salsa dancers dressed like Carmen Miranda were gyrating wildly with anyone who passed near the dance floor.”

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