Jacuzzi Entertains With Water and Gymnastics

The lunchtime launch for Jacuzzi's new whirlpool bath used lighting, special effects, a and an original music score to make a memorable experience.

January 12, 2005, 12:00 AM EST

For the launch of Jacuzzi’s new whirlpool bath at Skylight, Marsteller, DePalma Production , and Event Energizers led guests through a white stretch-fabric tunnel, before presenting the new hydrotherapy products.

Jacuzzi’s Morphosis product launch Skylight Tuesday, 01.11.05, 10.30 AM to 12 PM
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The lunchtime launch for Jacuzzi’s new whirlpool bath, the Morphosis, used lighting, special effects, a Slovakian gymnast, fabric walls, and an original music score to make the event memorable. Skylight’s 18,000 square feet of space became an underwater experience for the Morphosis line—the end result of Jacuzzi’s partnership with Italian design company Pininfarina (the firm behind luxury cars such as Ferrari and Alfa Romeo).

Marsteller worked with DePalma Production to design an environment that represented the brand, its new product, and the therapeutic properties of water. John Ierardi of Event Energizers provided the event's decor, namely a white stretch-fabric tunnel that led to the presentation area that not only matched the sleek curves of the Morphosis line of baths, but showcased five features of the Jacuzzi brand bathroom products. Using lighting designed by Imero Fiorentino and Eric Tetuan, audiovisual production from Scharff Weisberg, special effects such as bubbles and fog created by BML, and video animation from CC Design Group, the five individual installations illustrated water’s refreshing, soothing, and effervescent qualities. Shimmering blue patterns projected onto the walls and floor of the presentation area made the room feel as though it were underwater.

Before spotlighting the three new hot tubs, guests were treated to an energetic performance from the Slovakian national gymnastic champion—who performed hanging from stretch fabric suspended from the ceiling. A wall of falling water separated the audience from the stage, and added to the soaked feel.

The hors d’oeuvres and lunch menu from Canard Inc. included smoked Scottish salmon with crème fraiche and caviar on buckwheat waffles, a selection of grilled paninis, and lobster bisque served with oyster crackers.

Anna Sekula

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