Joan and Melissa Rivers Lunch with McCall's

February 5, 2001, 12:00 AM EST

Joan and Melissa Rivers entertained guests at the McCall's luncheon at Le Cirque 2000.

McCall's luncheon with Joan and Melissa Rivers Le Cirque 2000 Thursday, 10.12.00, 12 PM to 2:30 PM
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Gossip mavens Joan and Melissa Rivers chatted with guests at a luncheon held by McCall's magazine at legendary restaurant Le Cirque 2000. The dishing duo--who writes a monthly column in the magazine--shared their typically irreverent brand of sarcasm and dish with the mostly female audience of advertisers and journalists.

The event started with a short reception in the library room on the second floor, followed by lunch in L'Orangerie, the adjoining event space. Before the meal, Madelyn Alpert Roberts, the publisher of McCall's, greeted guests, and later Sally Koslow, the magazine's editor in chief, asked Joan and Melissa questions about fashion advice, their favorite celebrities and their favorite role models. Between bitchy bon mots, Joan also shared her opinion of the hosting restaurant: “We're all here at Le Cirque, so this is not a shabby moment for any of us.”

--Chad Kaydo

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