Law Office Throws Pop Art-Themed Holiday Party

Bright decor and retro hors d'oeurves set the stage for a holiday party hosted by three Toronto law firms.

By Erin Letson December 17, 2007, 2:23 PM EST

A yellow lit-up bar.

Photo: BizBash

Holiday Party for Shillers LLP, Henein & Associates, and Fenton, Smith
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Lawyers from three local firms traded in business for a lighthearted holiday party, complete with colourful decor and fun finger foods, at their downtown offices on Thursday. Lara Katz and Karen Rachlin of Bite Catering worked with lawyer Marie Henein to create a cocktail party inspired by '70s Pop art for Shillers LLP, Henein & Associates, and Fenton, Smith.

An enlarged copy of the Andy Warhol-esque invitation hung on the door, hinting at what to expect inside. Brightly coloured tinsel Christmas trees decorated the entrance, while bartenders made the party's signature cocktails—peppermint cranberry martinis—at a bar lit up in yellow.

Caterwaiters offered a selection of finger foods such as onion rings, updated Pop Tarts with lobster and Gruyère, and mini grilled-cheese paninis with pancetta. A series of small entrées—including foil TV-dinner trays that held Philly cheese-steak sandwiches and gravy mashed potatoes—served as the main course. The retro theme continued with desserts like flavoured Jell-O shots, homemade Twinkies, and Ring Dings.

A lawyer in attendance described the annual party as a hot ticket because it is “fun and a bit different than parties on Bay Street.” The three firms opted for a “Christmas noir” theme last year.

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