LG Fashion Week's Two Runways Take on 40 Different Looks

By Brendan Speigel April 7, 2011, 9:30 AM EDT

Photo: Courtesy of Lucian Matis

LG Fashion Week took over Heritage Court at Exhibition Place last week for a five-day run. The event fit in a full 40 designers by starting runway shows earlier in the day than ever before, and by setting up two distinct runway spaces so there was less time between shows. Both runways were designed so that individual designers could match them to their shows by changing up the lighting, floor coverings, and other decor elements. The larger runway room seated 1,000 guests around a 1,000-foot runway, while the studio seated 350.

Additionally, several designers opted to show independently, hosting their own runway shows at different venues, ensuring there was something going on nearly everywhere you looked, from street dancers and sailor outfits to Samuel L. Jackson sightings and models wearing carpets.

Here's a look at how several designers made the runways their own.

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