Lizzie Grubman's Effects on Special Events

July 13, 2001, 12:00 AM EDT

Posted 07.13.01
Now that she's not planning events--choosing to focus on her legal strategy instead--Lizzie Grubman may have managed to become the most influential person in New York's special events industry. The ramifications of her legal shenanigans has permeated parties all over the city.

The New York Post's Neal Travis reported that protesters gathered outside Tuesday night's Hedwig and the Angry Inch premiere party in Chelsea--which Lizzie Grubman & Peggy Siegal Public Relations didn't plan--and chanted, “You white trash!” at guests and yelled, “Lizzie should go to jail!” The protesters apparently confused the event with the premiere of Brother the night before, which was actually put together by Grubman-Siegal. The New York Observer reported that the Legally Blonde premiere party in Southampton on Saturday, July 7, (organized by Harrison & Shriftman) was filled with reporters and publicists more interested in talking about Grubman's woes than the film or its stars.

Much of the Grubman-related party chatter is speculation on the future of Grubman's business. Hamptons magazine society editor R. Couri Hay told the Observer, “I think Lizzie's business is going to be in trouble...Sadly, after talking to a lot of P.R. people, there's a certain amount of glee. Lizzie's a famous party girl and there's a certain amount of 'Hey, she's gonna get shut down.' I see people already carving up the business; I've heard people talking about who's gonna get the fallout of the business.”

Meanwhile, the gossip and jokes just keep coming. And Travis has come up with some of the cattiest comments in print about the “publicity princess.” One ironic comment: “Lizzie Grubman's own Web site...mentions that, as a full-service firm, it offers 'boundless energy, quick thinking...political arrangements, and serving as the occasional chauffeur.'” And the most offensive: “Lizzie Grubman appears to have put on about 10 pounds since she fled the scene of the carnage.”

One seemingly unintentional laugh-getter: In their weekly email blast, Strategic Group's Jason Strauss and Noah Tepperberg encouraged people to go to Conscience Point--the site of Grubman's wreckage--this weekend. “Do not be scared,” they said. “Even though it is one of two 'Friday the Thirteenth's' there will be no scary stuff going on. Just lots of drinking and dancing.”

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