Louis Vuitton Launches Collection With Sprouse Homage

To launch a new Stephen Sprouse collection and pay tribute to the late artist Louis Vuitton covered the Bowery Ballroom with TVs, graffiti, and neon signs.

By Anna Sekula January 12, 2009, 4:04 PM EST

The Stephen Sprouse tribute at the Bowery Ballroom

Photo: Billy Farrell/

Louis Vuitton's Tribute to Stephen Sprouse
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Louis Vuitton doesn't do things small—the Thursday-night launch for its new Stephen Sprouse collection was comprised of three separate events, including an elaborate after-party for hundreds of guests at the Bowery Ballroom. In a tribute to the late artist and designer, everything from the walls to the furniture referenced Sprouse's iconic 1980s punk designs. Attended by designers, models, and other friends of the French fashion house, the event was packed by 10 p.m. and featured a performance by Debbie Harry.

Drawing on a broad palette of references, from the monogram tag used in the collection and the dayglo colors associated with Sprouse to original video footage and artwork, design and production firm Brooklyn Guild fabricated a variety of decor pieces to fill the venue. These included a vast tower of vintage televisions, a hall of graffiti, cube and cross-shaped seating, and custom neon signs. To accommodate the extensive build, the team started work more than 24 hours in advance and acquired permits to cordon off parts of Chrystie and Delancey Streets for a convoy of trucks.

Neon colors also figured into the food for the party—Olivier Cheng passed hors d'oeuvres like mini muffulettas with colored toothpicks on illuminated trays and served pink and orange cotton candy for dessert.

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