Lydia Hearst Claims Misrepresentation by The Post, May Still Love Parties

By Michael O'Connell October 27, 2008, 6:26 PM EDT

Lydia Hearst seemed happy when she hosted this summer's sixth annual National Underwear Day party.

Photo: Jessica Torossian for BizBash

For anyone who read Sunday’s Page Six Magazine, the revelation that Lydia Hearst finds parties in these troubled economic times “excessive” probably wasn’t the most lighthearted way to start the week. Fear not! In emails to several blogs this morning, Hearst claims those words belong to someone else.

In the latest installment of “The Hearst Chronicles” column, the model, socialite, and sporadic journalist condemned the glut of lavish events of late, making a special point to call out her family’s own Hearst Corporation for its inability to curb parties even as the company shutters some of its titles. The New York Post hopped on this admission with a teaser item that ran in Friday’s Page Six suggesting a family feud erupted.

Lydia hasn’t specifically denied her waning taste for parties, but she did call out The Post for fabricating each mention of her family’s company. In an email to New York magazine, she wrote that she “was alarmed to discover that items had been added to the column regarding a Christmas party and the family company upon reading 'Blood Dispute' in Friday's NY Post.”

That alarm prompted the heiress to resign as a contributing columnist. She claims there aren’t any hard feelings, but her suggestions of anti-Hearst sentiments at The Post suggest otherwise. Whether or not she’s still on good terms with red carpets—and invitations—in general remains to be seen.

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