MacWorld's Top Trade Show Booths

July 26, 2001, 12:00 AM EDT

A bank of new Apple G4s with Studio Display monitors showed off Apple's latest DVD editing software at the MacWorld convention and exposition at the Javits Center.

MacWorld conference and expo Javits Center Tuesday, 07.17.01, to Friday, 07.20.01
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Judging from the sea of convention-goers wearing Apple t-shirts at MacWorld, Mac users seem a little more fanatical about their computers than their PC counterparts. For the convention and exposition at the Javits Center, the giant venue was once again transformed into a techie's paradise, with new games, software, hardware and new models of Apple computers for the Mac lovers to play with to their heart's content. There was no shortage of the steel pipe frame booths we got an eyeful of at Techxny, but there were a few companies that actually took the time to make their booths stand out.

Our favorite was Eovia's Carrara Studio 3D graphics software booth. Keeping in line with the company's product--3D animation software--the company chose the Inflatable Design Group (IDG) to design an inflatable trade show booth that made neighboring booths look comparatively flat. The bright orange booth, made entirely of inflatable vinyl, was accented with yellow beanbag chairs for guests to lounge on while watching the product demonstration. And best of all, according to IDG president Shawn McEachern, the entire booth inflates in about three minutes. No lengthy set-up time required.

Canadian software company Procreate brought a home office and design studio to the trade show to demo their new Painter 7 software. Trade show exhibit company Exhibit by Design created sleek office setups in beautiful blonde wood and frosted glass for Procreate's demo personnel to show off Painter 7's features. The stations featured flat plasma monitors behind the desks to display the demonstrator's manipulation of the software, and trinkets and plants were set on the rear shelves to make them look like a real offices.

Other features at MacWorld included the “Central Park Internet Cafe:” A giant space with tall tables and Internet-connected laptops for people to use while sipping beverages from a coffee stand in the corner.

--Suzanne Ito

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