Making Sure Your Events Are Effective

April 9, 2001, 12:00 AM EDT

Posted 04.09.01
Are special events too packed with marketing messages? Some consumers think corporations have overcommercialized sports and events, according to a story in the IEG Sponsorship Report newsletter. The piece cites a consumer survey commissioned by John Hancock Financial Services Inc. where 30 percent of respondents said overkill by event sponsors would make them less likely to buy a product--not exactly an event marketer's desired result. So how do you avoid such failure? Make sure you're doing something to differentiate your company from competitors. “If you don't want to be ignored, offer fans something more important and more interesting than just an opportunity to stare blankly at your logo,” advises Hancock CEO David D'Alessandro. Another opportunity: Instead of sponsoring a slick event with lots of other sponsors, try an arts, charity or civic organization. In the study, 86 percent of consumers said they feel more positively toward a company that sponsors a charitable event.

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