Modern Garden Party for Henry Street

April 16, 2002, 12:00 AM EDT

Henry Street Settlement Giardino di Primavera benefit Regent Wall Street Thursday, 04.11.02, 7:30 PM onward
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With its grand balcony and towering Corinthian columns, the Regent Wall Street ballroom is already a magnificent space for events, and sometimes event planners go low-key on decor and just let the room shine. But for the Henry Street Settlement's Giardino di Primavera benefit, Bill Tansey of Tansey Design Associates both complemented the room's existing features while giving the room a more modern look for the spring garden theme.

The large ballroom was divided in half by tall, pink-lit fabric columns from Pink Inc. One side of the room contained the dining area and dance floor, and the silent auction tables and cocktail area occupied the other side. Tansey's decor for the dining area featured striking display of towering bunches of three-foot tall monstera stalks placed in tall, clear acrylic vases. Single-type flower bouquets of daffodils, tulips, roses and anemones were placed at the base of the stalks atop colorful gingham tablecloths donated by fabric company Scalamandré.

“The centerpiece design was more contemporary than the room, so the [fabric] columns brought a more modern element to the decor,” Tansey said as he described the room's look. Bentley Meeker gave the room a festive glow by shining pink lights on the room's marble columns and dance floor. The silent auction tables were decorated with tall arrangements of cherry and crab apple blossom branches, and more single-type bouquets stood below.

--Suzanne Ito

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