Money Drops Over 'Now You See Me' Premiere Party

Summit Entertainment's postscreening party for Now You See Me put 600 guests, carousel horses, and a money drop in the basement of New York's Hudson Hotel.

By Jenna Berris May 30, 2013, 4:43 PM EDT

The end of evening featured a money drop like the one in the film where bills poured from the ceiling into the hands of the audience. To recreate the scene, 15 people were arranged on the upper level of the space and, cued to a song from the film, released the bills into the air.

Photo: David Hechler

Now You See Me Premiere
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For the New York premiere of Now You See Me, a film about four magicians that rob a bank, Summit Entertainment put 600 guests, carousel horses, and money in the basement of the Hudson Hotel. Held May 21, the event at Good Units was designed and produced by Chad Hudson Events. The party's eclectic lounge look was inspired by the last few scenes of the film, which were shot in a warehouse in Brooklyn.

Achieving that look included recreating the graffiti “mecca” 5Pointz by bringing in the artists that worked on the film, copying the movie's geometric light patterns, and referencing the two main cities—Las Vegas and New Orleans—with floating playing cards and staffers in Mardi Gras masks. Even the music and menu were subtle nods to Now You See Me, with DJ Vikas spinning high-energy, upbeat music that evoked the film's high-paced score and a diverse array of food, including short ribs, a pasta station with meatballs, New Orleans-style shrimp cocktail, crudite, mac 'n' cheese poppers, and pigs in a blanket.

Less implicit was the money drop, a reference to one of the final magic tricks, which littered the underground space with fake bills.

Now You See Me opens in theaters tomorrow.

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