More Speakers Added to Event Innovation Forum—South Florida's Lineup

The conference at BizBash Live: The Expo in South Florida will include presentations on design and budgets, sponsorship, and avoiding weather disasters at events.

March 26, 2014, 9:10 AM EDT

Photos (from left to right): Courtesy of Patron (Dzierzanowski), Stephen Karlisch (Fiscus), Courtesy of Dianna Craven, Courtesy of David VandenHeuvel

The Event Innovation Forum—South Florida is less than a month away and more speakers have been announced. In addition to understanding digital and mobile strategies, targeting millennials, and creating successful fund-raisers, the education portion of the BizBash Live: The Expo will tackle other topics, including preparing for extreme weather and designing with budget in mind.

The Forum and the Expo are scheduled for April 23 at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center. More details about the newly announced sessions are below; the full schedule, registration details, and other information can be found here.

Is Your Event Storm-Ready?
David VandenHeuvel, senior vice president of enterprise solutions, Weather Decision Technologies Inc.
You can't change the weather—but you can certainly plan for it. Lightning, hail, and hurricanes are all possible guests at your next event, and while they may not be welcome, planners must always be prepared to “greet” them. Putting safety first is imperative at any event, and steps must be taken in advance to avoid potential disasters. In this session, Dave VandenHeuval of Weather Decision Technologies will discuss the importance of emergency preparedness at events and share important tools that will ensure attendees are safe and weather crises are diverted.

How to Design Smarter
Todd Fiscus, owner and creative officer, Todd Events
It's everyone's least favorite topic, but perhaps the most important one: an event's budget. And whether you spend $5,000 or $5 million, understanding what you want to achieve and the story you want to tell with the design of an event or meeting will help define what's realistic with your budget. In this session Todd Fiscus, owner and chief creative officer of Todd Events in Dallas, will discuss his strategies for meeting expectations—and staying within the budget.

How to Maximize Sponsor Value at Events
Pam Dzierzanowski, national director of events, Patrón Spirits Company
Dale Moore, owner, Warren Moore Events
Dianna Craven, sales director, SunFest of Palm Beach County Inc.
Anna Sekula, executive editor, BizBash

Gone are the days when step-and-repeats and celebrity photo ops were the main way value was delivered to event sponsors. The rise of experiential marketing has challenged the industry to find creative new ways to integrate partners into live experiences, leading to artistic and interactive product displays, immersive activities, and targeted social media campaigns. During this session panelists will discuss how sponsorship has changed and what hosts and partners are doing to increase the return on investment.

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