More Election Night Details Emerge for McCain and Obama

By Lourdes Branch & Lauren Matison October 24, 2008, 12:00 PM EDT

The New York Times reported last night that John McCain plans to deliver his election night speech in Phoenix to a small gathering of guests and reporters on the front lawn of the Arizona Biltmore Resort, where John and Cindy McCain were married.

Foregoing the traditional election night format of directly addressing supporters, the larger crowd inside the hotel's 3,000-capacity ballroom will have to watch a broadcast of his speech with the rest of the country. It is unclear whether or not McCain intends to meet with his supporters inside later in the night, but the Republican camp expects to release further details closer to November 4.

As for Barack Obama, there's new information on his election night gathering in Chicago's Grant Park (which we reported on here). Explaining to The Chicago Tribune why his candidate wants to assume financial responsibility for the public event, Obama spokesman Justin DeJong said, “The campaign is already making arrangements to assure that city resources are not being used to clean up the park following the event.”

But security measures require city resources. They need to screen as many as 40,000 attendees with metal detectors and bag searches, and snipers and security guards will be on site to protect the candidate and crowd. Because federal taxpayers are often left responsible for such costs, the city may ask the campaign to foot the bill for street closures, crowd control, and overtime for public-safety workers. The Tribune estimates the entire event will cost $2 million.

The campaign also reminded news outlets on Thursday that their coverage comes at a cost, with prices ranging from $165 for a 20-amp power outlet to $990 for parking a satellite truck and $29,700 for a covered television platform for network anchors.

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