MTV Staffers on Snow Globes, '80s Tunes

By Lauren Matison December 7, 2007, 3:22 PM EST

It's corporate holiday party time, so we're heading out into the cold to ask employees what they think about their companies' bashes. (That's the point, right?) Here's our second report of the season.

Last night was one of the biggies: MTV Networks' annual holiday party at the Hammerstein Ballroom, which arrived with the possibility of some Gawker-fueled demonstrations from freelancers over their health-insurance beef with Viacom. 

As we shivered outside, the weary staffers (some slightly inebriated) from Nickelodeon, VH1, Comedy Central, and Logo voiced their thoughts whilst smoking or waiting for their rides home. Wary of corporate repercussions, nobody wanted to give a name and many were reluctant to tell us their titles, but plenty had something to say about the event. There was the usual complaining about overcrowding, but the people we talked to also offered up some opinions on the decorations, the food, and—naturally—the music:

“I liked the decor. The colors were lighter than last year, and there was sort of a theme: snow globes. There was a big snow-globe centerpiece with men and women models playing Twister inside.”
MTV employee, 30

“No matter where you go, all roads lead to MTV. This is my second party, third year working here, and everyone always talks about nothing but this party. The music is weird this year. What they should do is put a band on—that's the one thing missing this year. And the interrogating was not good; when I and someone else came outside for a cigarette, the guards accost you: 'Who are you? Where'd you come from?' Also, I think when I'm leaving later, I'm going to have the worst experience lining up waiting for all the cars to come. At least they're prepaid for us.”
Sales coordinator, MTV, 33

“It's a million-dollar party. Except, why is there no Hanukkah menorah? As a Jew, I'm offended by that. I saw a couple of Christmas-y trees in there. Putting religious scoffing aside, I am having a blast in there with my coworkers. It's a little crowded, but otherwise it's fine.”
Production assistant, Best Week Ever, VH1, 28

“The whole Gawker-imploded permalancer issue was not a problem tonight. The decor was really cool with the people in the snow globe. There were standing tables like five feet high that people could gather around before the dancing got going.”
—Production staffer, MTV, 27

“I think the decorations were a little sparse. If there was a global warming or winter theme, I didn't get it. There was a girl who was puking in the hallway. I think there was too much fucking all-clear liquids and no hors d'oeuvres, if you know what I mean.”
—MTV employee, 28

“My night was mediocre. There weren't any lines at the bars or the coat check, which is key.”
—Comedy Central employee, 40

“I actually have nothing negative to say. I think it's really well handled. The set design is great. The food is good considering it's such a large group of people. What's great about this party is not everyone is about drinking here. The place was packed; there was no real space to move around. It'll thin out around 1 or 2. They have a deal set up with the Hammerstein Ballroom every year—they do it here again and again, they've got it down pat. It's not broken, so don't even fix it. People pretty much are walking and dancing and munching. There's no sitting really. Tons of dancing, it's like bees. You know when you see bees in a hive? That's kind of what the dance floor looks like. Although then there's a circle in the center when people get really crazy.”
employee, 34

“I didn't recognize any of the artists being played, but it was definitely a throwback, like throwback. Lots of '80s and '90s music, nothing contemporary, no Gwen Stefani, no 'Sexyback.' We were still dancing, but after a while, we stopped and just stood there looking at each other. 'So how's your job?' No one was wearing freelance-supporting T-shirts, but people did have stickers on their arms. Here, you should wear mine.”
—Coordinator, Nickelodeon, 25

“We only got so deep into the party. I didn't go in very far. I stopped and mingled with people I haven't seen for a while, and it was amazing that in this crowd of 3,800 people I could find my friends in different spaces, even though I think MTV could use a change of pace and find a somehow more accommodating [spacious] venue.”
—Product development
employee, MTV, 32

“One thing that stood out at the event was a big snow globe holding two models. I guess the theme was very wintry, and with the giant globe I'm assuming it was trying to tie in with global warming. Except there wasn't even any melting snow, so it was just a typical winter-themed holiday party and the food had nothing to do with the theme. There was great snack food and the usual pasta, biscuits, chicken, salad.”
—Research assistant, MTV

“It was madness! It's insane and so much fun. DJ Cassidy is great. Everyone is in good spirits. They were doing a little throwback to the '80s while mixing some new contemporary music in there.”
employee, MTV, 28

“This is my seventh MTV holiday party, and I don't think it was the best, but maybe that's because I used to care more [about the party] when I was younger.”
employee, 29

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