New York's Top 100 Events

March 28, 2002, 12:00 AM EST

So we probably screwed up. Maybe we left off your favorite benefit, or a conference you always attend, or--yikes!--an event you work on. Forgive us. We assigned ourselves a tough task: to put together a list of New York's biggest events--the ones that get the most press, the must-attend events in different industries, the ones that draw the most people (and cash) to the city, the ones that even affect New Yorkers who don't go to them. We talked to hundreds of experts across numerous industries to compile our list, which includes benefits, award shows, parades, trade shows, conferences and other types of events. We didn't even try to rank them; instead we present them in chronological order so you can use the package as an event-scheduling tool for 2002. You may quibble with our choices, but remember: In a city that hosts thousands of events, we had to make some difficult decisions. Let us know what you think--maybe your suggestions will make next year's list. Email us at top100@bizbash.com.

Events in January and February 2002
Events in March and April 2002
Events in May, June and July 2002
Events in August, September and October 2002
Events in November and December 2002

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Written by Suzanne Ito, Chad Kaydo, Mark Mavrigian, Erika Rasmusson and Adrienne Yee

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