October 30, 2018: Creative Studio Compares Election Day to Pop-Up Experience to Lure Millennial Voters, Rockettes Christmas Spectacular Show Will Feature Intel Drones, The Standard Hotel Launched a Virtual Lobby So Guests Can Meet In Person

By Ian Zelaya October 30, 2018, 9:06 AM EDT

1. CREATIVE STUDIO COMPARES ELECTION DAY TO POP-UP EXPERIENCE TO LURE MILLENNIAL VOTERS: Instagrammable pop-up experiences might be the most popular event for millennials these days, which is why one creative studio in San Francisco is calling Election Day the Museum of Voting in a new campaign. San Francisco-based studio Gold Front created a campaign comparing November 6 to an Instagram pop-up, in an effort to lure more younger voters. Adweek: “Satirical in tone but sincere in its purpose, the Museum of Voting—described as 'the world’s most epic pop-up experience' and named as a reference to the trend-setting Museum of Ice Cream—is a get-out-the-vote campaign by San Francisco creative studio Gold Front. Like most snarky generational marketing, it’s likely to rub some the wrong way, but the intent is to cut through the usual civic-duty rhetoric by focusing on some of today’s hottest trends among this year’s most key voting demographic: millennials. 'Millennials will soon surpass baby boomers as the largest generation in the electorate—yet they show up to the polls at far a lower rate than any other demographic. We wanted that to change,' says Josh Lowman, Gold Front creative director and director of the campaign videos. 'In this election cycle in particular, we knew there would be a lot of scary political advertising. For millennials in particular, we felt there was a need for an election message that led with comedy.' The campaign idea emerged out of agency conversations about the similarities between voting and one of today’s most engaging marketing tactics, the pop-up experience. 'It occurred to us that polling places and massively popular pop-up experiences have a lot in common—the lines, the list, the temporary installations, the stickers, the Instagram selfies and celebrity buzz,' Lowman says. 'That made us laugh, so we went with it.'"

2. ROCKETTES CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR SHOW WILL FEATURE INTEL DRONES: The Radio City Rockettes’ Christmas Spectacular at Radio City will be more technologically advanced this holiday season. Madison Square Garden Company announced that Intel’s Shooting Star drones will be incorporated into the finale of the annual holiday show. Deadline: “One hundred palm-sized drones will create a light show over the stage, using choreographed movements to create holiday-theme silhouettes in the new finale scene, 'Christmas Lights.' This marks the first time Intel’s mini drones have appeared in such a large-scale integrated theatrical performance. ‘It’s going to blow away everyone’s expectations. They’re not going to expect to have drones flying 3-D inside Radio City,’ said Natalie Cheung, general manager of Intel’s drone light shows. Intel’s drones have appeared in a variety of surprising venues, moving in synchronized formation over the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas during the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, and creating a patriotic backdrop to Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance. Cheung said one of MSG’s executives spotted the mini drone at Intel’s CES booth, snapped a photo of the petite flier next to his glasses to provide scale and the two companies began talking about integrating the drones into the Christmas Spectacular. She said Intel has been working for nearly a year preparing for the holiday-theme light show. The mini drones were created specifically for indoor light displays. Intel developed a location system to allow the drones to navigate within an enclosed space, where the flying objects would be unable to locate their positions via GPS. The mini drones already are rehearsing in the space, ensuring they can safely execute the choreography, in which the drones create images and animations that are synchronized to music and lighting effects.”

3. THE STANDARD HOTEL LAUNCHED A VIRTUAL LOBBY SO GUESTS CAN MEET IN PERSON: Hotel brand the Standard, which has locations in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, introduced a new lobby app that guests can use to facilitate conversation and meet in person. The app, which debuted at the Standard, High Line in New York, is inspired by the physical hotel lobby as a setting for spontaneous conversation. Fast Company: "'I think of it kind of like the movie Lost in Translation, the beautiful, spontaneous, unexpected things that can happen in a hotel,' says Standard International C.E.O. Amar Lalvani. 'Now what happens in a hotel lobby is everyone is looking at their phone.' ... Hotel guests who want to play can create an alias on the app–revealing as much, or as little, detail about their real identity as they feel comfortable doing–and can then chat incognito with other guests who are happy to play along. If things go swimmingly, you can send a photo (or a GIF) and even invite a fellow guest to meet up IRL, perhaps in the real world’s hotel lobby. It’s a bit cheeky, a bit daring, and could possibly lead to fun adventures, which is exactly what the team had in mind. 'We understand that people often become a different version of themselves when they travel, especially when they stay in hotels,' says Jimmy Suh, Standard International’s chief commercial officer, who created the app. 'They become more adventurous, more spontaneous, and more curious. This app is meant to bridge that spontaneity. Beautiful things can happen when two strangers come together and have a great time.' The app is exclusively available for hotel guests to use during their stay, and all its content disappears upon checkout, leaving no digital trail. However, if this sounds like a precursor to an SVU storyline, there are some safety features built in. First, no real names are used without the user’s consent. Second, it’s easy to block users, decline requests, and if someone is misbehaving, they have built-in reporting features."


CHICAGO:  Hilton Chicago has named Lisa Selman its new director of beverage. 

HOLMDEL, NEW JERSEY:  Destination Hotels has appointed Tricia Tierney director of events, Jennifer Garrabrant events manager, and Judith Vargas accounting manager at the newly opened Events at Bell Works. The venue has more than 110,000 square feet of indoor event space and 10,000 square feet of outdoor event space. 

LOS ANGELES:  Tickets are now on sale for the latest Los Angeles edition of Refinery29's 29Rooms, which will run December 5-9 at the Reef downtown.

For information on upcoming events in Los Angeles, visit Masterplanner:

MIAMI/SOUTH FLORIDA:  The 59th annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show will take place October 31-November 4. 

Friends of the Underline’s will celebrate the groundbreaking of the first phase of the planned 10-mile urban trail and neighborhood park on November 1 at La Centrale. 

NEW YORK:  To coincide with United Airlines’ New York Marathon partnership, the airline will serve runner-friendly meals through its Get in Gear program from October 31-November 6 at Terminal C at Newark International Airport. The menu was developed by United’s food and beverage partner OTG. 

For New York City Cider Week, online cider marketplace Cider in Love will host Adventures in Heritage Cider: Unexpected Tastings with Cider in Love on November 6 at Bedford Cheese Shop. 

The 10th annual Little Kids Rock Benefit Concert will take place November 8 at PlayStation Theater. 

Merrion Row Hotel and Public House, a 28-room boutique hotel inspired by Dublin, Ireland, will open in Manhattan in December. The property will have four private event and meeting spaces named after provinces of Ireland. 

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