Old Spice Introduces New Products With Scent-Focused Showcase, Lumberjacks

By Anna Sekula March 19, 2012, 2:44 PM EDT

In line with its quirky marketing campaigns, the event included activities like log cutting. The mens grooming brand brought in champion crosscutters Mike Sullivan and Dave Jewett (pictured), to demonstrate the art of sawing.

Photo: Courtesy of Shiraz Events

Old Spice's 2012 Scent Event
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The Old Spice media event at Highline Stages on Tuesday, March 13, wasn't the typical gathering of beauty editors, but instead felt more like one of the Procter & Gamble brand's tongue-in-cheek commercials and viral video campaigns. Designed to introduce two new scents in the men's-grooming line of products—Champion and Danger Zone—the evening affair also managed to convey Old Spice's less serious side, with pitchmen Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa hamming it up for the crowd and a collection of overtly masculine decor elements.

Building on Old Spice's quirky marketing approach, PR agency Citizen Paine worked with producer Shiraz Events to furnish the raw venue with a mix of educational stations and playful vignettes, including areas where representatives could illustrate the science and inspiration behind the products as well as places for attendees to watch previous ads.

Brown couches, plaid pillows, simple wooden tables, and props like antlers set the scene, while waitstaff passed a selection of macho bites and booze. Dishes included spicy fried buffalo chicken breast with blue cheese and barbecued brisket with grilled pineapple and slaw on a sesame bun. The cocktail menu offered the “Champion,” comprised of vodka, nocino (a liqueur made from walnuts), spiced apple juice, and sage honeysuckle syrup. and the “Danger Zone,” a combination of scotch whiskey, anise maple syrup, and lemon juice topped with dark ale.

Perhaps the most unconventional component was the section carved out for Mike Sullivan and Dave Jewett, a pair of lumberjacks from the champion crosscut team. Armed with a two-man saw and a branded log, the duo showed off their skills and invited attendees as well as Mustafa and Crews to try their hand at log cutting.

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