Podcast: BizBash Editors Pick the Best Ideas of the Week

BizBash's Beth Kormanik and Ian Zelaya are back to discuss the most creative ideas and trends from events and marketing activations from the popular “10 Best Ideas of the Week” feature.

November 21, 2016, 3:33 PM EST

Hosts: Brandt Krueger, Audrey Gallien
Guests: Beth Kormanik, Ian Zelaya

In this episode, Beth Kormanik, executive editor of BizBash, sits down with Ian Zelaya, assistant editor of BizBash, to talk about the popular feature “10 Best Ideas of the Week,” which curates the best ideas from recent events and activations from around the world. They talk about the rising popularity of Mars virtual-reality experiences, social media-powered vending machines, dinosaur-theme photo opportunities, and so much more. Brands and events discussed include National Geographic Channel, Mountain Dew, Hyatt Centric, Crayola, Jack Daniel’s, Coach, and more. Don't miss this episode to hear about the buzzworthy ideas from the biggest brands and events today.

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Running time 27:08

Show Notes

In This Episode

  • Roundtable Discussion [01:47]: Mars virtual-reality experiences; social-media vending machines; signage walls made of knives; dinosaur-theme photoshoots

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