Podcast: Catering to the New Foodie Culture at Events

Today’s event and meeting professionals are tasked with innovating what’s being served—and how.

August 15, 2015, 12:00 AM EDT

Hosts: Audrey Gallien and Brandt Krueger
Guests: Robert Neubert, Carla Ruben, Lee Brian Schrager, and Anna Sekula

Food is no longer an afterthought; it’s essential to crafting an entertaining and engaging live experience, whether it’s a private dinner for 50 people or a conference for 5,000 people. And with more health-conscious, food-savvy guests comes the need for event and meeting professionals to focus on what's being served and how. In this episode, hosts Audrey Gallien and Brandt Krueger chat with industry veterans—Southern Wine & Spirits of America vice president of corporate communications and national events Lee Brian Schrager; Creative Edge Parties president and creative director Carla Ruben; the Hilton Chicago’s director of catering sales, Robert Neubert; and BizBash editor in chief Anna Sekula—to find out why expectations have changed and how caterers, venues, organizers, and hosts are collaborating to align catering with event messaging. Tahira Endean, QuickMobile’s manager of events, makes a special appearance, offering her thoughts on the food and beverage options at this year’s MPI World Education Congress in San Francisco. Gallien and Krueger also cover what’s in the news, including Olympics and Special Olympics updates, Miley Cyrus as the host of MTV’s Video Music Awards, Facebook and Twitter’s eye on the event industry, and new investments in event technology companies, as well as what’s in and out on the Fresh List.

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Running time 56:26

Show Notes

In This Episode

  • In the News [06:00]: Olympics and Special Olympics updates; Miley Cyrus to host the Video Music Awards; Facebook and Twitter track the event industry; investors continue to take notice of event technology companies
  • Roundtable Discussion [14:25]: how to serve when everyone is a foodie; the age of experiential synchronicity among the designer, planner, marketer, and caterer; the benefits of keeping it simple
  • Fresh List [52:55]: attendees breaking Guinness World Records; brands using events to make a political stand

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