Podcast: How to Build a Tribe, From the Planners of the Engage Luxury Wedding Conference

Take a look behind the scenes of the annual conference, learning the importance of “surprise and delight” and how to turn guests from participants into a tribe.

July 18, 2016, 2:22 PM EDT

Hosts: Brandt Krueger and David Adler
Guests: Katheryn Arce, Rebecca Grinnals, Beth Kormanik

In this episode, BizBash’s C.E.O David Adler and executive editor Beth Kormanik sit down with Rebecca Grinnals and Katheryn Arce to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on their annual Engage Luxury Wedding Conference. Through their mantra of “surprise and delight,” this conference gives 375 participants an experience they’ll never forget—and one they always return to year after year. Rebecca and Katheryn talk about their unique gift-giving strategy, periodic (and random) “happy breaks,” complimentary speaker training and styling, spontaneous speaker schedules, and the secret engagement powers of “bling balls.” For anyone looking to spice up an event, this episode is a must-listen full of innovative ideas to turn your attendees from participants into a tribe.

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Download or subscribe to the show at bizbash.com/gathergeeks. Running time 58:22

Show Notes

In This Episode:

  • Roundtable Discussion [01:52]: event engagement strategy; spontaneous scheduling; happy breaks; complimentary speaker guidance

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