Podcast: The Art and Science of Effective Senior Management Meetings

How to design impactful meetings for senior management that drive innovation, change, and learning.

May 10, 2016, 7:00 AM EDT

Hosts: Audrey Gallien and Brandt Krueger
Guests: David Adler, Flemming Fog

In this episode, David Adler, C.E.O. of BizBash, sits down with Flemming Fog, one of the leaders in European meeting design and change management consulting. Fog highlights what he is doing at senior management meetings for a global company with over 450,000 employees. The two discuss ways to get C.E.O.s to unleash the power of smart meeting design as a secret management tool that permeates the ranks of an entire organization. They also explore the use of audiovisual as neuroscience, and discuss why the ideal table size is smaller than you think, how to actually scale brainstorming, and more. Listen to this podcast to tweak your mindset from planner to consultant, and drive sustainable results for your event, whether it has 10 attendees or 10,000.

Sponsored by Hargrove and Resorts World Casino New York City

Running time 25:49

Show Notes

In This Episode

  • Roundtable Discussion [01:52]: managers reporting learnings back to their companies onsite; the neuroscience behind audiovisual triggers; creating ambassadors of thought

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