Podcast: What It’s Like to Be the White House Social Secretary

Jeremy Bernard takes us behind the scenes of his former job as the White House’s event planner, discussing everything from his first State Dinner to 2011’s shocking Bin Laden announcement.

September 28, 2016, 3:39 PM EDT

Hosts: Audrey Gallien and Brandt Krueger
Guests: David Adler, Jeremy Bernard

In this episode, recorded from the main stage at BizBash Live: The Expo in Los Angeles, David Adler, the C.E.O. of BizBash, sits down with Jeremy Bernard, the former White House Social Secretary, to talk about every angle of this industry dream job. Hosts Brandt Krueger and Audrey Gallien sit down with David to tune into the live audience interview, and talk about Jeremy’s first State Dinner, working with First Lady Michelle Obama, how to make low-budget events White-House perfect, and more. Don’t miss this episode to hear what it’s like to have the ultimate honor of serving the President of the United States through the cultivation of flawless events.

Sponsored by Hargrove and BizBash Live: The Expo New York

Running time 44:27

Show Notes

In This Episode

  • Roundtable Discussion [03:08]: What goes into being the White House Social Secretary, planning the White House State Dinner, Michelle Obama’s event priorities, high-stakes low-budget event planning

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