Podcast: What You Can Learn From the Dîner en Blanc Global Phenomenon

How Dîner en Blanc’s elegant pop-up picnics grew from a small gathering of friends into a worldwide phenomenon, spreading to 76 cities and drawing almost 200,000 people.

May 9, 2017, 12:31 PM EDT

Hosts: David Adler, Beth Kormanik
Guest: Sandy Safi

In this episode of GatherGeeks, Beth Kormanik, executive editor of BizBash, and David Adler, C.E.O. of BizBash, sit down with Sandy Safi, the director of development for Dîner en Blanc International—massive pop-up dinners that now take place at cities across the globe. Safi shares the origin of the concept, how the event changed after moving from Paris to New York City, and why the night turns every attendee into an event designer. She explains how organizers ensure a good experience for all 170,000 attendees, how they deal with copycat events and weather issues, and what the economic impact is for the local community. This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking tips for dealing with logistics-heavy events and other ambitious gatherings.

Sponsored by Digitell. Running time 38:15

Show Notes

In This Episode: 

  • Roundtable Discussion [00:38]: why Dîner en Blanc is the original flash mob; how organizers built up a waiting list of over 600,000 people; which cities host the largest events; how Dîner en Blanc remains a green event 

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