BizBash Invests in Business Operations and Intelligence Software for Event Industry

Goodshuffle Pro streamlines processes and unlocks value for event companies whose large-scale inventories put them in the heart of the "temporary infrastructure industry."

Washington, D.C. (Oct. 13, 2018) -- David Adler, CEO and Founder of BizBash Media, announced today that his company, along with he and his family, have invested over $500k in Goodshuffle Pro, a software tool designed for event rental, production & design, and entertainment companies to manage inventory, track sales, and streamline business operations.

In making the announcement, Adler says, "After watching the Goodshuffle Pro team iterate and study the industry, they have created a solution that could be the backbone of the inventory, management and marketing control system for what I call the new temporary infrastructure industry. In a Pop-Up Events world, with brick and mortar retail declining and event strategies on the rise, the need to be more efficient, nimble and more dynamic is critical for the growth of the industry."

Adler continues, "It enables event vendors to produce more effective experiences and events for the end users. If the purpose of technology is to make what was complex trivial, then the highly accomplished Goodshuffle Pro team is positioned to be a solution that anyone who owns a company that deals with inventory needs to investigate. The solution is a game changer for legacy businesses as well as third-party planners who want to unlock the value of the rentals that they customize and reuse for clients."

"I invested in the company after casually mentioning the solution to several clients and getting an incredible reaction and immediate purchases from several legacy organizations who have been challenged to find ways to both support and improve their business processes without having to invent a new customized technology solution themselves."

Goodshuffle has been building event technology for almost four years, and launched their latest software product, Goodshuffle Pro, late last year. They currently work with clients across the U.S. and Canada, and are anticipating further rapid growth as they continue to reach a wider audience.

"The response to the power of the product has been unbelievably positive," said Goodshuffle Co-Founder, Andrew Garcia, "So we're very excited to reach and help more event professionals through BizBash's extensive event industry network."

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Goodshuffle Pro is software built specifically for the event rental and production industry. The platform is a one-stop-shop to easily track inventory, automate sales, and empower growth. Streamline the chaos of the events world through online invoices, contracts & payments, inventory tracking & conflict detection, CRM tools, task management, and more.

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