Primerica Meeting Uses Times Square-Style Video Ribbons to Educate, Entertain Sales Staff

By Mitra Sorrells July 20, 2011, 4:36 PM EDT

Switch used eight synced video playback sources to feed the 27 video screens throughout the Georgia Dome for Primerica's general sessions.

Photo: Steve Smith

When you are trying to hold the attention of 43,000 people for four hours, it helps if the setting is pretty spectacular. For its annual sales convention in Atlanta in June, financial services firm Primerica worked with experiential marketing company Switch to create a massive, visually stimulating stage inside the Georgia Dome where they held their elaborate opening and closing general sessions. Production designer Joe Farell said he was “going for a Times Square look” by creating video ribbons to go on either side of the 12- by 38-foot center screen. Farell worked with Show Group Production Services to construct six curved trusses measuring 4 feet high and 50 feet long that held 40-millimeter LED panels. The entire set spanned 240 feet in width and took the crew of 175 people five days to assemble. Primerica used these screens, and more than 20 others throughout the dome, to create high-energy productions incorporating videos, music, and pyrotechnics for employee education and recognition. More than a dozen vendors worked on the project, including XL Video, Christie Lites, and Beachsound.

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