PROPS: Life-Sized Celebrity Cutouts

July 30, 2001, 12:00 AM EDT

So you want to get President Clinton or Puffy Combs to appear at your event, but they're booked. Or you want James Dean there, but he's, well, dead. Here's a two-dimensional solution: life-sized cardboard cutouts. While they don't have the cache of a living-and-breathing celebrity, they can add a fun touch to an event where some kitschy props are appropriate. Advanced Graphics makes more than 200 different cutouts--Austin Powers, John Wayne and the casts of Star Wars and Star Trek are big hits--and the California-based company can even use a photograph to make a two-dimensional version of a CEO or honored guest. Another alternative: Cutouts with motion-activated voice boxes that say a character's signature line, or whatever you program them to say. The basic cutouts retail for $29.95 each, but order 8 or more and you can get them for less; custom-made or talking cutouts cost more. Or you can always try a celebrity wrangler. --Chad Kaydo
Posted 07.30.01

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