Q & A: Catching Up With High Beam Events’ Shane Terenzi

In the new BizBash questionnaire, we get to know the Austin-based event director before he speaks at BizBash Live: Los Angeles next week.

By Claire Hoffman July 11, 2018, 7:32 AM EDT

Photo: Courtesy of Shane Terenzi

Shane Terenzi is the director of events at High Beam Events, a full-service production firm that handles experiential, corporate, and social events as well as destination management. The team also handles design, production, and location scouting for South by Southwest. A transplant from New York City with a background in theater, fashion, and award show production, Terenzi is now based in Austin.

What are you working on right now? Summer is usually the time where we get to catch our breath and regroup, but this year we are on the go! We are working on some planned community openings, conferences, holiday parties, and even SXSW events for 2019.

What's in your event-day bag? Zip ties, gaff tape, scissors, ChapStick, hand sanitizer, and a carrot cake protein bar.

What movies, TV shows, or books are inspiring you right now? Pose on FX, created by Ryan Murphy. The artistry, creativity, and exploration of the underground ball community is just amazing and history that should not ever be lost.

What's your favorite new product? Although not crazy new, I am loving my Apple watch. It allows me to be more hands-free during load-ins and at events, but keeps me aware of any important calls and texts.

What was the most memorable event you've worked on lately? This year I produced Australia House at SXSW. We had so many different aspects of the house, from a pop-up coffee shop and celebrity appearances to five-star chef receptions and over 60 music acts!

What's the biggest thing affecting the event industry right now? Safety. There is a saying I’ve heard before that we, as event producers, plan parties—we don’t save lives. Unfortunately, in today’s climate that is not the case. As a producer, we all need to make sure that guests are safe, and if there is an emergency, a plan is set into motion. Our end goal is to make sure our clients and the attendees have a great time and enjoy themselves. In order to do that, we need to plan ahead, be educated on protocols, and have adequate security for every event.

How is your job different now from what it was five years ago? Social media. The access to what private events look like was not at all at the level it is today with Instagram, Insta-stories, etc. It changes how we look at events, but also influences event trends at an expedited rate. You have to always stay up on the new “it” thing—and that can change from week to week instead of season to season!

What do you love about your job? The camaraderie that my whole staff has when we are at an event together. Everyone chips in and wants to see each other’s events succeed. The teamwork that we have just makes me really happy to be a part of something that is bigger than just one person.

Terenzi will present a workshop series about the balance of logistics and creativity at BizBash Live: Los Angeles on July 18. Click here to register.

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