Reebok Event Heads Like Cielo and Siam Productions

May 21, 2007, 5:45 PM EDT

Leigh-Ann Bingham is the manager of event marketing for Reebok.

Venue: “We hosted our launch of Miri Ben Ari’s video and the ‘I am what I am’ advertisement at Cielo, [which] was a terrific spot for us—the right sound, the right vibe, the right location. Working with [their director of marketing and special events] Karrie Golbert was an added benefit. She helped us out at every step along the way—with the planning, the budget, the install.”

Cecelia Paglia is the global director of event marketing for Reebok.

Audiovisual Production: Siam Production’s Dave Campanile and [his] team have worked on projects for Reebok for over 10 years—from smaller, high-level board meetings to full-blown parties and events. Siam always comes through, always providing the best equipment and phenomenal staff, and they produce under enormous pressure but never look like they feel it.”

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