Seeing Red for Red Cross Benefit

November 19, 2001, 12:00 AM EST

Campari Red benefit party Whitespace Tuesday, 11.13.01, 7 PM to midnight
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Seeing red isn't usually a good thing, but at the Campari Red cocktail party to benefit the American Red Cross at Whitespace, the red decor was highly appropriate and symbolic of the nonprofit and its good works for the disaster relief effort. Event planners from Milktwist Productions put together a festive party for client and event sponsor Campari, a company that's been on a recent advertising bender to update its image and reintroduce its product to a new generation of consumers. The event's turnout of appoximately 700 of New York's young partygoing crowd must have made the aperitif company very happy.

Milktwist brought in Eventstyle to redden Whitespace's white spaces with some color. Short, semi-translucent acrylic cubes underlit with red lights served as cocktail tables, and sets of four fire engine red folding chairs surrounded them. A fish tank filled with white gravel (our second fish-as-decor sighting) decorated with a bottle-shaped plastic insert with event sponsor Campari's label decorated the area in front of the first-floor bar. On the venue's third floor, more party space was decorated with paper lanterns with red lights inside. The only non-red decor touch was an electric blue Campari gobo shone on the space's largest wall.

DJ Jackie Christie spun a fun, eclectic mix of world music with dance beats. The party also doubled as a celebration for the release of Grammy award winner Shelby Lynne's new album, “Love, Shelby.” The event raised $3,000 for the Red Cross through voluntary donations from partygoers.

--Suzanne Ito

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